Wednesday 1 February 2023

Toffee Seizes The Day

The old woman is running around like a demented cod and shouting "carpe diem, Toffee" in my ear. Seize the day? I see no cod or carp so I'm not interested!

No, I'm going to build up my strength during a restorative nap. I think that's a much better use of my time than dashing around like a fool.

Lifestyle tips courtesy of Toffee!

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  1. We think you can seize just about anything you want!

  2. I agree. Why would you want to seize the day?

  3. wavez two ewe toffee... like a month later, hope ewe iz doin grate and de sofa iz still N joyin yur companee !! ♥

  4. What does a demented cod look/taste like? lol Best wishes, Darla

  5. We'd recommend you run for President or Queen or something, but who wants all that work?