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GREAT NEWS! I've written a book

Toffee is the cat the word diva was invented for. She is a feisty feline who,
despite her sweet name, doesn't suffer fools gladly. She knows what she likes
and makes sure she gets it. Everyone who loves a bit of cattitude should
 read this - she won't thank you for it though! Not So Sweet Toffee is a fabulous book
for cat lovers. But don't take Toffee's word for it here are some reviews:

Endearingly superior, Toffee shares charming glimpses into her life. Funny anectotes and an insight into cat psychology - find out what cats really think of their hoomans.

With the modern obession with felines being so rife, it's enlightening - even essential - to hear what cats themselves have to say for themselves. And it's actually quite a lot, despite their apparent stand-offishness.

Beneath the frosty exterior there's a real warmth in Toffee, and in this gut-wrenchingly hilarious book there's some genuinely tender moments between her, Old Lady and Old Man as they traverse this weird journey of life together.

Toffee is a treat! I will not let my cat anywhere near this book, though, as he doesn't need any new ideas!

Such a fantastic book, well recommended, haven't stopped giggling..

I especially enjoyed how Toffee manipulates her hoomans. And the couple interactions Toffee 'shares' of her hoomans is awesome, too.

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  1. Dear Miss T: I bought your book and never stopped laughing from start to finish. You are so naughty and so outspoken! I pity your old man and old woman who have to live with Miss Grumpiness but it's also clear from the book that they love you and you love them.