Friday 13 January 2023

Toffee's Kiss A Ginger Day Complaint

Yesterday was Kiss A Ginger Day. Who on EARTH thought this was a good idea? I have to skedaddle pretty damn quick to escape the amatory osculations of my old woman at the best of times without making it official.

I spent all day trying to dodge her attempts to plant a smacker on the top of my head. I hardly got a wink of sleep - only 16 hours compared to my usual 18. 

This day should be BANNED for the sake of all gingers who don't want to end the day sleep-deprived and with soggy fur.


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  1. Sorry not sorry, Toffee!
    If I was nearby, I'd smooch you too.

  2. Aww go on, make your human's day and let her give you a big smooch.

  3. How about a nose boop instead Toffee ?

  4. Sorry, but when you are that cute people want to smooch. I was able to smooch 2 out of 3.