About Me

Hello, everyone. My name is Toffee. I didn't name myself. If I had I would be called something like Killer Queen or Amazonian Warrior. But, no. Those people I generously allow to share my home decided to call me Toffee. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

I adopted them when I was a kitten and I have trained them up into the Ways of Toffee. They have a few annoying habits but I overlook these as they keep me well supplied with my favourite food. FRESH PRAWNS. Drooooool.

Some may call me spoilt but I prefer to think superior treatment is my due. I demand high standards from my humans and most of the time that’s what I get. Unfortunately their care occasionally falls below the quality demanded. But I forgive them. They are only human after all.

I have written a book which you can get here in paperback or on Kindle.