Thursday 9 March 2023

Toffee Wants To Hire In Some Muscle

There I was lounging about on the windowsill when I spotted the neighbour's idiot cat.

He's called Rajah and is the bane of my life. He pinches my food, leaves his smelly scent all over the garden and thinks he's sooooooo posh just because he has a smidgeon of Persian cat in him.

I'm too comfortable to move so I hall have to hire in some muscle. Anyone got a spare crocodile?

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  1. Toffee, tell your human that there are motion sensor water squirters, for roaming outside cats. They'll clear any intruders from your territory.

  2. I think a crocodile might be a bit extreme, Toffee!

    1. I was just about to type these very words. lol

  3. I bet he has a crush on you. XO