Monday 21 March 2022

Toffee's Bad Fur Day

Of course, the old woman took no notice of my order. She said, “I can’t help taking your picture, Toffee, you’re so gorgeous,” which is an understandable reaction. Because I am.

Even so, as a social media influencer of some note, I need to have strict control over my public image. I'm the Kim Kardashian of the cat world - Kat Kardashian. Look at those eyebrows - they're so not on fleek.

My old woman had never heard that word - she's not on trend, not like me. I'm down wiv the kids.

*     *     *     *     *     *    *
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  1. toffee yur purrson iz correct; ewe iz gorgeouz !! ;) ♥

  2. You look like a pretty hep cat to us Toffee !

  3. That term lost me, for sure. lol Regardless, you have a thousand times more class than the Kardashians. Their shameful fame mystifies me. My brain needs to purge them before my face develops a permanent lemon sucking expression. Be well, gorgeous!

  4. You taught me a new word. And you are not having a bad fur day- you are perfect. XO

  5. Humans have no respect when they've got a camera in their hands!