Tuesday 2 May 2023

Toffee's Booker Prize Idea

The old woman left her laptop on with her novel-writing app open. I glanced at what she'd written but wasn't impressed.

So I deleted the 10,000 words she'd already written and replaced them.

You have to admit this is a killer opening: 9u4fjvjty the93mfmepgh GN FORURKAP999 74. I suggested she call it Dances With Laptop Keys.

The old woman wasn't pleased. Don't know why.

My book is much better. It’s convoluted, pretentious and incomprehensible. It’s got Booker Prize written all over it.

*This is adapted from my next book: Catty Conversations. Out soon.

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  1. She must have been delighted with your efforts!

  2. I am excited. I love your first book. XO

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a best seller, Toffee!

  4. rest well gorgeous as you start your tenth life, may your plate be filled with prawns~~~~
    and while we didn’t have the honor of knowing you very long, we still call you friend .
    watch over mum and dad. we send hugs and loves from all of us tabbies in trout towne

    dude, boomer, sauce, tuna, daisy, mackerull and the food gurl laura