Tuesday 4 October 2022

Growling Not Snoring

The old woman reckons she has caught me snoring in this video. She is wrong. I AM NOT SNORING.

What I am doing, as she would know if she had half a brain, is emitting periodic low growls to keep zombies away. T
hat's all the thanks I get for preventing her from having her brains sucked out. 

She already has only half a brain. If it wasn't for me she would have none at all.

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  1. Dear Toffee, I try to warn my hoomons about bwain-eating Zoms all the time, but she tells me I'm being silly. So sad. I tell her don't come crying to me when yoor bwain is half-eatted. Have a wonderpurr day. Love, Dori

  2. Sweetie does the same thing, but she never mentioned that it was to chase away the zombies.
    I think I'll go smooch her wee noggin as thanks for saving me!

  3. Growling or snoring- either way, you are adorable. XO

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, I AM adorable!

  4. Wow! Now I know why my hubby growls so loud. We must have a whole pack of zombies he needs to keep away. When Eric was here he used to growl just as loud too.