Thursday 6 October 2022

Ditch The Dungarees

Bert who painted our sitting-room

Here's a letter I wrote to the old woman about her work apparel. Sorry, she had to be told. It's just one letter included in my next book due to be printed shortly. Watch this space.

Dear Old Woman,
Please tell me you’re not going to work wearing those dungarees? Stick a pencil behind your ear, wear a pair of thick glasses and carry a dripping paintbrush and you’ll look just like Bert who painted the sitting-room.

Sadly, my admonition didn't work. She called me rude - really don't know why - and replied.

Dear Toffee,
I’m not taking them off. I’ll have you know dungarees are the latest fashion statement. All the on-trend fashion websites are writing about them this season.
The Old Woman
Yes, old woman, we can only guess what that "statement" is...

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  1. Replies
    1. I try. But she's very "in yer face"!

  2. You are too funny. My cats are trying to get my hubby to drop the suspenders.

    1. I was shocked by your hubby's apparel but my old woman says "suspenders" means something very different in the US than it does in the UK! We call them "braces". Suspenders are what ladies wear to hold up their stockings over here!

  3. Toffee - they make it much more comfortable for her to bend down to ...scoop your litter box...set your food and water dishes on the floor...pull your toys from under the couch...

    1. Good point! In that case I might forgive her!

  4. Well Not So Sweet Toffee, we think you're pretty sweet and at least you gave it a try.