Friday 20 August 2021

Narrow Squeak for Mouse

I have found yet another thing that the old man and the old woman do not like. They dislike being awoken at 4am by a mouse running over the bed. Strange. 

After all the trouble I went to as well - out in a damp garden running through the undergrowth in the middle of the night. I thought it was a good present that showed my appreciation of the fresh prawns they gave me yesterday.

Seems not. There was initially much shouting and then much running about with a plastic container and a piece of cardboard. They eventually trapped the mouse under the container and slid the cardboard underneath. 

Then - *shakes head in disbelief - they let the mouse go, black in the blooming garden where I'd caught it in the first place. There was zero attempt to play with it, leap on it or throw it up in the air. Hoomans are so weird sometimes. 

That mouse had a narrow squeak, though. Narrow SQUEAK - geddit? Oh, I'm so funny, I should be on TV.

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  1. Humans can be so unappreciative of your hard work. XO