Monday 28 June 2021

Illegal Entry

The old woman is oblivious to a major act of larceny which occurred this morning at 0800 hours. The perpetrator was neighbour’s cat Jasper who effected an illegal entry through the back door and stole my dish of tuna in jelly.

I shall let this felony pass, for now, but who knows what may befall the odious twerp in the future?

In the meantime, I AM HUNGRY, OLD WOMAN, need my breakfast. I am sitting beside my empty bowl giving her a very straight look - to no avail at the moment but she'd better respond soon or she will also be on my naughty list.

*     *     *     *     *     *    *
Well, I've finally done it. I have written my no-holds-barred exposé of my life. Prepare to be AMAZED, prepare to be SHOCKED, prepare to be ENTHRALLED. Left is the paperback, right is the Kindle version.

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  1. Sounds like your cat flap needs a chip to only let you in and out, Toffee. But not until you draw Jasper in to exact your revenge of course ...

  2. That is awful. I hope you get some new food.

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  4. It's tough dealing with bad neighbors. :P