Thursday 2 April 2020

B is for Beyoncé

AFTER a busy day the old man and old woman opted for an early night. I crept in about half an hour later and they were both fast asleep. I thought I’d help give them sweet dreams so I settled down between them and started to sing a lullaby with my angelic voice. Were they grateful? No, they were not. They awoke.

‘For goodness sake, Toffee,’ the old man said sleepily. ‘Why all the racket?’

The old woman sat up in alarm and switched on the light. ‘Whassup?’ she shouted, like some bad-tempered teenager transported from the 1980s.

I don't know why they are trying to silence me. I am the Beyoncé of cats.

I am the Beyoncé of cats

‘It’s Toffee,’ said the old man. ‘She’s having a funny five minutes.’ He began to stroke me and said, ‘Settle down, girl. Time to sleep.’

The old woman switched out the light and sighed deeply. ‘That cat is absolutely nuts,’ she said.


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  1. We miss our Tilly's voice, may she RIP. :) Be well and Happy Blogging!

  2. They don't appreciate you, do they? I don't appreciate my Benny either. He can't bear to let me sleep late, and caterwauls (ha, ha, "cat" erwauls!) at my door, digging into the carpet early in the morning.

    1. No they do not! I'm glad Benny is trying to train you.

  3. Oh, Toffee, that post went somewhere I didn't expect it go to, and it's charming! A blogging cat, that is clever.

  4. Sorry your folks don't appreciate your fine singing.

  5. hysterically funny- there truly is not anything better than a cat video! Cheers!