Friday 14 October 2022

Bedtime for Toffee

After many years of us living together, the old man and old woman have at last come to accept that the bed belongs to me. I allow them to sleep there because they make good hot water bottles in the cold weather.

But I do like to have plenty of room. Some mornings as I stretch across the bed to my full length I can hear them muttering as they perch precariously on the edge.

"How does she do it?"

"How can something so little take up so much room?"

Still, they seem to prefer this position to when I save space by sitting on the old man's head or the old woman's chest. 

It's now 8am and the pair of them are up. I have had a strenuous half hour eating breakfast and performing my morning ablutions. It's all very tiring work so please excuse me while I find a convenient place for a kip. It's clean bedding day so I think I'll settle down on the bed right in the middle of the duvet.

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  1. Toffee, you are doing a great job of snoopervising your humans!

  2. I remember it well. Us both clinging to the two sides of the bed while the boys sprawled out with most of the room.

  3. Try sleeping with a few cats. :)

  4. Ha! I'm convinced cats know advanced geometry! Bear could take up an entire queen bed!

  5. One does need to corral those humans. :D