Wednesday 10 November 2021

Toffee's Funny Joke

PURR-PUL. Geddit? I'm so funny.

The old man was watching an old Youtube video of somebody called Richard Pryor and was laughing fit to bust. He's so easily amused, I despair of him sometimes.

Anyhoo, I thought to myself, I can do jokes. I could easily make a career of being a stand-up comedian. In fact, I showed you some of my routine in an earlier post. Have a look here.

Since then I have added another HILARIOUS joke to my repertoire (see picture). Come on, you gotta admit I'm the funniest feline on the planet. (Garfield? Who's Garfield?)

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  1. With great affection, I suggest you keep your day job tormenting humans. ~grin~ In ones and twos we are riper pickings than an entire bipedal group.