Wednesday 26 February 2020

Toffee Is A Genipuss

The old man and old woman were sitting at the computer in deep discussion. Occasionally they'd look up and stare at me. I didn't like it one bit so I strolled over to see what was occupying their attention. Turned out they were doing one of those quizzes. 

This one was called  Is Your Cat a Goof or a Genius? I was offended. Surely they already knew they were living with a ginger genius.

If there is a meltdown in society forget about survivalism and stockpiling tins of beans and bear-traps. Instead, tie yourself to a cat - for what animal is better equipped to survive whatever the odds? 

It's very nice of the old man and the old woman to feed me, shelter me and care for me but, if the chips are down, I know I can skip out the front door, find food to eat and, more importantly, soon hook up with the one person in the neighbourhood with an underground shelter, his own well and a couple of thousand cans of meaty chunks. See, genius.

Just look at my computer skills. I can walk across a keyboard and the next day a packet of balloons shaped like animals, four iPads and The Complete Works of Shakespeare will arrive from Amazon. See, genius.

Then there are my shape-shifting abilities. I and the Mrs have written before about my ability to take up a whole bed. I weigh about 11lbs (5kg) and yet I can oust those two monsters I live with to a tiny corner of the bed where they hang on for dear life and mutter about swapping me for a gerbil. That's because overnight I turn into a 150lb (68kg) panther. See, genius.

Modesty precludes me from mentioning all my other genius abilities, plus my paws are getting tired from all this typing (oh yes, I am a genius typist).

Anyway, the results of this test were: "You may just be living with a feline Einstein! Your cat is extremely intelligent and continually amazes you with new tricks. Your cat also knows how to get you to do things his way. You’re going to need to be pretty crafty yourself if you want to outsmart your cat!"

Yes, I am a genipuss.

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  1. Replies
    1. You must be a genius to recognise that fact.

  2. Cats sure have lots more genius skills than do humans!

  3. You're absolutely a genius! Not sure I'd want you near my credit card though...MOL

  4. That's just the old woman says. Strange.

  5. Nice to meet you Toffee. It's good to meet another genius. TW has it written down: The Cat is a genius.

    1. We definitely are genipusses. I hope the staff appreciate it!!

  6. Genius indeed!! I think you and Amarula share the same brilliance gene!!

  7. My Momma always jokes I have advanced math skills to know the EXACT way I must lay to ensure the humans will not fit in the bed. If only she knew just how much I know ... ~Bear Cat