Friday 13 December 2019

Toffee Has A Language Problem

I AM persona non grata yet again, just because humans are not clever enough to learn cat language.

Unfortunately, evolution has not arranged it so we cats have moveable mouth parts and a suitable larynx to talk to humans so we have found other ways to let humans know what we want.

Some of these ways, I concede, humans can find annoying but what's a cat to do? The methods include persistent meowing, throwing up and pressing our heads into faces.

Today I employed the tactic of weaving in and out of human legs to draw attention to the fact that my food bowl was empty. The old man now has a bruise the size of China on his rear end after falling on his arse and I have been banished to the utility room.

Unfair. It’s not my fault you humans have only two legs and are not as stable as we quadrupeds.

The television in the utility room is really boring

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  1. Well, there IS a video of a cat saying "Well hi !" in a Southern accent. And I used to have a former barncat who would sit on the counter by the fridge and say "Meow-k !" I have also had cats say "Me-owt !" while standing at the door.

  2. The utility room! That is so unfair.