Tuesday 13 August 2019

Toffee Gets Offended

 I HAVE never been so insulted in my life. And I have been insulted plenty, I can tell you.

The old woman was reading some darned book about cats and came up with this little snippet: ‘The vast majority of cats are mongrels.’

She ruffled my ears. ‘Just like you, Toffee.’


How dare she say such a thing. I might not be a pedigree cat or even a part-pedigree cat, But I am a…, a…, a…,  am a Superior Being.

She went on reading. She doesn’t know when to stop, that woman.

‘Cats have been especially bred for a variety of reasons; to produce softer or longer coats, for example, or to enhance their markings or refine a colour. In the eyes of the breeders, the refinements have enhanced their beauty.’

That did it for me. Was she implying that I was not as handsome as some pedigree cat? How very, very dare she. I leapt to my feet scrabbled across her hand, digging my claws in as I went. She yowled and sucked on her hand.

‘Pity you weren’t bred to be a NICE CAT and not a monster,’ she yelled after my retreating, ginger behind.

We aren’t speaking to each other at the moment but I might deign to be a ‘NICE CAT’ when it’s time for tea.

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    1. Oh, Toffee ! We who have been owned by both dogs and cats have learned that "mongrels" are healthier than purebreds. because breeding for certain characteristics can eliminate some that are good - like how short-faced animals, like Persian cats or English bulldogs, have breathing problems. You know your huMom loves you !

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I feel better now.

    2. I can understand why you are offended. I think you look like royalty.