Monday 7 November 2022

Toffee's Cardboard Box Complaint

I want a cardboard box like this

Today I had occasion to write a letter of complaint to a cat bed manufacturer. 

Dear Purrfect Puss Beds,

My old man and old woman bought a bed for me from your Deluxe Range. It’s OK. However, I must complain in the strongest possible terms about the box it came in. It is far too flimsy and after only two days’ use it is already badly frayed around the edges and the sides are breaking out.Please send a new box immediately.


Can you credit it? This was there UN-believable reply.  

Dear Toffee,

I am glad that you like your new pet bed. We are sorry to hear that the box was not up to your standard but it was manufactured solely for transporting the bed and wasn’t designed to be used afterwards. As it is made of cardboard we recommend that it is put out for recycling.

Purrfect Puss Beds

What a state British industry is in when it cannot even manufacture a sturdy box.

(This letter is included in my next book Letters From A Feline Diva. Will be published soon. Watch this space.)

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    1. " was manufactured solely for transporting the bed and wasn’t designed to be used afterwards." WHAT?!? They are cat bed manufacturers; they MUST know that the transporting box is an impawtant as the bed themselves! SHEESH!

      1. You'd think.... *shakes head in disgust

    2. They really don't. Standards have plummeted. Tch, tch.