Monday 3 January 2022

Toffee On Television

Ages ago the old man was stomping around the loft, looking for some woodworking tool he'd 'carefully' stowed away (i.e. slung up there and immediately lost).

Right at the back he stumbled across one of those old-style television sets, like the one in the picture. He literally fell over it. You should have heard his language - disgraceful! I had my paws over my ears.

Anyhoo, he lugged it downstairs and said he was going to take it to the rubbish dump

STOP, old man! Look at the picture. I deserve a bed like this. You must make it for me NOW. After all, I am a STAR and deserve to be on the tellybox daily.

(I'm still waiting. Humph.)

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  1. You do deserve a bed like that. What is taking him so long?
    Happy New Year! XO

  2. toffee...did dad uze de "f" werd....

    "flounder" :)

    happee 2022 two ewe all and best fishez for de new yeer ! ♥