Thursday, 9 April 2020

H is for Headless Chickens

Look at me, I'm smiling.

The old man and old woman were running around like headless chickens. I really don't know why...

I was up bright and early and where were they? Under the duvet, snoring, the pair of them. Not even my cold wet nose pressed against their faces managed to wake them. My plaintive meow had no effect, neither did walking all over them.

I left them to it and strolled to the kitchen for breakfast. And, guess what, the darned bowl was empty, not a sniff of chicken, rabbit or whatever to be found.

I stalked around a bit and gave myself a good wash, thinking they'll be up any minute. But, no.

So what's a girl to do? I went into the sitting-room and found three spiders. They're ex-spiders now. They didn't taste bad. Then I found some fluff and swallowed it down. Then, result, under the sofa was that dried up bit of pork I had been saving for a rainy day and forgotten about. That rainy day has arrived - it went down a treat.

I had a couple of gulps of water to make sure all the ingredients were nicely marinated, waited a few minutes, and puked half of it up in the old man's shoe and half in the old woman's.

They overslept. To say they weren't best pleased when they thrust their feet into their shoes was an under-statement. 

They than ran around getting everything ready for work. They were like headless chickens, and as I said, I really don't know why.

[Written before lockdown, neither of them are working at the moment.]

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  1. Oh, my. Have you heard of Mike the Headless Chicken? ~shudders~ Be grateful your hoomans haven't found that poor creature's fate. Stay safe!

  2. oh hahaha I get up every morning when Lucy wakes me cuz I do not want "gifts" in my shoes! Cheers and see you tomorrow!

  3. I have stepped in "gifts" of that sort more times that I'd like to count. Most of the time in the dark. Actually, I prefer that kind of "gift" to the kind that misses the litter box! Less stinky. Not to give you ideas...

  4. AT least they won't forget breakfast now that they work from home.

  5. I can relate to running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I'm more than happy to slow down nowadays.