Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Toffee's Toy Story

I try to look cool when the old man and the old woman present me with a new toy - but I'm excited inside.  I love nothing better than chasing a tinkling ball or shredding ribbons and chewing on tassels. When the staff are out - to be honest, I'm usually asleep -  but when I am not you can often find me digging out one of my toys and having what they call "a funny five minutes". 

The other day the they were having a big tidy-up. The old man looked worried as he always does when someone called The-Mother-In-Law. I think she worries him.

They were gathering my toys together into a cardboard box and I heard the old woman sar: "What on earth does she do with all those toys we buy her?" 

She tilted the box and few furry mice and a half-chewed cardboard bird rolled to one side. She shrugged and carried on with the housework. I closed my eyes and started to dream about real mice and birds.

Suddenly my pleasant reverie was broken by a yell.


What was wrong? I thought I'd better go and see so I strolled into the living room… and the picture above is very similar to what I saw. The old woman didn't have her camera ready (unusual; she's usually got it practically stuck up my nose) so she found this on the internet to show all her friends on Facebook. 

Personally, I think that's a sheer invasion of privacy. I AM NOT AMUSED.

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